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Getting to interview but not getting the job?

Talking to recruitment agencies but not getting interviews?

The interview is the most subjective method of selecting a person for a job. It’s also the preferred method for most employers, many of whom will also use other tools such as psychometric testing to aid in their decision-making process.

Many recruiting managers are not good interviewers, and your chance of faring well in an interview can be greatly enhanced with appropriate planning and approach. Questor has 25 years' solid experience in guiding candidates through the interview techniques and skills required to be a ‘good interviewee’, thus helping you secure that job. We can help you identify good interviewers and bad interviewers, and advise you of interview techniques appropriate for any eventuality. Preparing the right interview questions and ensuring you have the right interview answers are critical to success.

There’s a lot of interview advice available for free, and you should certainly take advantage of it to generally improve the way you come across at interview. But to truly hone your interview technique you need to be evaluated by an independent interviewing specialist. We interview day in, day out.

Give us a call to ask about how we can help improve your interview techniques. An initial meeting to evaluate the route forward is inexpensive and could be that important first step to securing your future.