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Equip us with the information to help you. Write a full and detailed CV that we can work from. It’s a good idea to have two CVs at any one time. One of these will be the concise and attention-grabbing version which talks in bullet-points and in terms of achievements, awards, facts and figures. The second will provide a more detailed breakdown of your roles, and the influence you have had. Taking this approach helps all concerned. It prepares you better for interview, provides us with a detailed insight, and once the first CV has grabbed an employer’s attention you have the option on request to send the second.

There are hordes of people telling us how to write our CVs, and perhaps there is no definitive method. As a general rule though the CV you send should be concise (no more than 2 or 3 pages dependant upon your length and depth of experience), well written and truthful!

Focus on achievements as well as responsibilities; projects as well as the everyday; list your roles in reverse chronological order; include a technical breakdown of skills; include a profile or overview; keep your hobbies and interests to a minimum, and relevant where possible (avoiding those likely to alienate people!).

We can help you with the rest…