......ethical specialist recruitment for the IT industry


There are thousands upon thousands of recruitment agencies operating in the UK today, and you’re supposed to choose between them. That’s not an easy task.

One means of separating one from another is on fees. Questor has one standard fee only, and it hasn’t changed since we were established in 1984. 20% of basic starting salary. Some agencies operate a sliding scale of payment, such that more senior positions are chargeable at 25 or even 30% of starting salary. We apply the same level of our expertise to every level of position you’re looking to fill, so why charge more for doing exactly the same job? Equally we’ve not responded to troughs and peaks in the IT recruitment marketplace by altering our fees to take advantage. We are always open to discussions about discount, though.

Our consultants have a technical background, all the better to understand your technical environment, and therefore have the ability to evaluate candidates’ suitability. We promise that we’ll never send you a technically inappropriate CV.

We build relationships, we don’t do sales. So not only will we ensure we have a good handle on your line of business, we’ll try to get a feel for the personality make-up of your teams.

Introducing the wrong type of person can have a devastating effect on a well-oiled team, so we aim to get to the stage where we can assess suitability in character terms.

You can be assured that we’re not using selling techniques to talk people into considering your company, or taking up offers. If we place someone with you, and they leave within months, not only might their career be harmed, but your trust in us will be damaged as well. That’s why we try to ensure that only people who are genuinely excited by the prospect of working with you are submitted.

We also offer pre-interview referencing, video interviews, psychometric assessment, press advertising and agency management services.