......ethical specialist recruitment for the IT industry


Virtually everybody has a horror story of one sort or another regarding job-hunting. Many of them concern recruitment agencies.

We’ve never been the subject of one of these stories, and humorous though they might be from a distance, we’re too close to the victims to laugh.

Nobody can guarantee getting you a job, or indeed guarantee that it will live up to your every expectation, BUT we can guarantee we’ll do our best to fulfill your hopes. We won’t push you into jobs you’re unsure of, send you to companies whose outlook is at odds with your own, or hold back information about a job which might affect your decision. We’ve even told candidates to take alternative opportunities to the ones we’ve found for them, simply because it’s the right move, and we don’t want to damage a career any more than we want to let a company down by placing a candidate who ultimately won’t be happy there…

You’re not treated like a number or a potential asset. We hope that the people we place will be the hirers of the future, and if we impress you now, you’ll want us to impress you when you yourself are looking for staff. In short, we’re a consultancy rather than an agency.

Have a clear idea of how far you are prepared to commute for the dream role, or if relocation is an option whether there are any places you wouldn’t consider. We don’t want to overlook a location when searching on your behalf, and have you miss out on an opportunity.

Jobs come and go on a day-to-day basis, so don’t delay – send us your CV or give us a call to discuss your next career step.