......ethical specialist recruitment for the IT industry


You’re doubtless inundated with cold calls, emails and letters from agencies you’ve never heard of, you’ve heard bad things about, or whose niche areas don’t match your own. You may well operate a preferred supplier list, perhaps in several tiers. There has to be a way of reducing the vast number of electronic CVs through which you have to wade, a way of avoiding being bludgeoned into oblivion by a never-ending stream of agency calls. That way is agency management. Effectively you’d be outsourcing your first and second phase recruitment. You’d be pleasantly shocked at how much time you’d free up for your receptionists, HR personnel and technical staff alike by deferring initial contact to a company whose sole purpose is to do that job. All those man-hours a week would be regained, enabling you to take the calls that matter.

Instead we’ll compile a preferred supplier list, taking into account your recommendations and experiences, handle all independent and agency applications, interview, select and present a manageable and suitable shortlist of candidates for each role.

Questor can operate on a retainer or on a percentage fee, to be discussed depending upon the nature of the recruitment campaign.